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Getting Started

[img src=]00Organizing Your Linens
Linen closets can be especially tricky. But it's a good place to start getting organized. Pull out all sheets that don't make a complete set. Get rid of towels you haven't used in decades. You can either donate them to a local second hand store, or you can tear them up and use them as rags (note: only keep 5 rags, you will not use more than this in a rotation).
[img src=]00Home Office Shelving
It's important to keep your home office in order. Once this goes, so does your credit score. Keep track/file all important papers. There are all kinds of systems out there that may inspire you to get to work.
[img src=]00Home Office Desk Top
It's incredibly important to keep your home office desk clear of any clutter. Who wants to sit down to a pile of old bills, receipts, or old bagel?
[img src=]00Kids Toy Storage
The biggest complaint expressed by most of my clients with children is they don't know how to keep their kids toys organized. It's not easy, but make your job easier by getting storage bins. This way, when your child is done playing, you can effortlessly throw the toys into the bins, and maybe go through them once a month to sift through the toys that go unused. Rule of thumb: if you are at max capacity, for every toy you bring in, one must go. It will teach your child the importance of giving things they aren't using to a child who might play with it every day.
[img src=]00Kids Art Work
I love to keep my sons artwork. If I could, I would keep every piece. But it's important to eliminate the bulk of it. A great way to store kids art is to frame it and hang it on their bedroom walls. It's fun for them to be surrounded by their own creations too.
[img src=]00Kids Toy Storage
Typically, I am not a fan of under bed storage. But if you just don't have space, I recommend to, again, get storage bins that fit under the bed, and that are easy to pull out and use, then slide back into place easily when finished.
[img src=]00Multiple Use Rooms
When a room is used for multiple purposes, a larger piece of furniture, like a sofa, book case, or table, can be used to break up the room into smaller spaces. The play area is anchored by this loveseat, but also create space for this home office.
[img src=]00
[img src=]00Closets
There is never enough closet space. Ever. But with a great system, you can create space you never even knew you had.
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Our Method

By assisting with: furniture placement, decluttering, feng shui, design (colors, fabrics, furniture style), real-estate staging, moving assistance, closet management, and general home organization, we help you reclaim your space.

After a free in-home consultation, you will be presented with a plan-of-action and pricing structure for helping you get organized.

What Is Breathing Room?

We live in a city that provides each of us a limited amount of space. Breathing Room can make an apartment or house feel twice as big and can help eliminate daily chaos by creating order and assigning a place for everything in your home or office.

Imagine feeling excited about going home after a long day knowing that you will be walking into a room that allows you to relax. Breathing Room can free up those precious hours after work and on weekends spent moving things around in an attempt to get organized. You can change your life. We will help.