“I have never achieved this state of peace and well-being. Heather came into my life and helped me organize every inch of my home.

It was more than just a spring cleaning—it was an overhaul. Never did I think that I had accumulated so much in the last seven years of living in my apartment! Heather left nothing unturned or unopened and made me assess what possessions could be purged, donated, or reorganized in my home. She was my organizer/handywoman/therapist. A week, a full garbage and recycling room, a half dozen trips to the goodwill, and a few visits from receptive friends later, I have achieved a Clutter-Free Nirvana.

Heather has converted me from lazy hoarder to neatness superstar! I can ACTUALLY walk into my walk-in closet! I can ACTUALLY use my oven and dishwasher without having to pull out all the stuff I stored in there! Heather organized all my belongings to have their proper place. The fact that she managed to fit my (FIFTY!) pairs of shoes into my wardrobe closet that I also share with my husband and his clothes and shoes is a miracle on its own!

Okay. I’ll stop gushing. I really could go on and on with how much Heather and all the great tips she shared with me has been a truly cathartic experience for myself (physically, mentally, and emotionally), my home, and my family.

In other words, this is THE best early Mother’s Day gift I gave to myself. From one mom to another, you should too!”
~Thu, Art Director

“I want to let you know that Breathing Room is a great company!. We hired Breathing Room to help us with some deep dark recesses of our closets and basement. She walked us through the process with kindness and finesse. She did some simple things that we’d never thought of to make our daily living soooo much easier. She also traversed some complicated issues with sensitivity and skill. She worked diligently and was super responsible and dedicated.

I highly recommend her and her services as a gift for yourself or someone you care about. I feel so much more at ease inside my home because the under surface in now in order. If you’d like to create more space inside and out, please consider Breathing Room.”
~Leslie, Musician/B&B Owner

“I wanted to share this great recommendation with you , since we are extremely happy with the results We had Breathing Room come to our home. Heather is an organizer, space designer and miracle worker–as my husband calls her. We contacted Breathing Room because we wanted to make our place safer for our daughter. We also wanted to create an office area that she wouldn’t be able to reach. We wanted to give her more space for her in her room. We wanted to make our living room feel more spacious and comfortable. And we wanted to make my what we thought was walk-in closet workable with the amounts of stuff we had.

Heather took 3 days and transformed our apt completely and on budget.

She made sure to keep us updated along the way as to what things would cost. She used almost everything we had in the house , in ways only a creative eye could and gave us a space that was first and foremost safe for our daughter. But so, so much more.

There is this flow of energy to our apt now, and we are so happy to come home and relax. Its interesting how much a space transformation ignites a whole new set of feelings.

My closet is now a dream. My daughter has a big spacious room with a beautiful painted light purple chalk wall. We couldn’t be happier or more shocked at the amount of work Heather has done and how accommodating and communicative the whole experience was!

We will definitely use Breathing Room for more projects!”
~Dorin, TV Producer

“I have to mention Breathing Room. The more i think about it, i really cannot say enough about this company. This was not just organizing, it was purging, scouring, rearranging, lifestyle changing. Heather works at 150%- she coached us as we dug through bins of schlock. She took stuff we already had and made it look amazing. We did not buy anything new, in fact we were encouraged to NOT buy anything new for a little while, since that’s what got us into the mess in the first place. I said I want a vanity for me, an art area for the kids, desk space for my husband (I didn’t mention me, but she made a desk space for me anyway, which I sorely needed) and to make our living room into a bedroom, plus storage for an unwieldy amount of musical equipment, all in our two bedroom apartment. I just asked. I had absolutely no idea she’d actually be able to DO it, and make it look great too, but she did.

It was intense, going though all of our stuff, and there’s a psychology to it, letting stuff go, which I believe Heather understands.”
~Jo, Writer/Director/Mom of 2